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Sunday, 4 June 2023
Welcome! This site is really old in terms of internet age. Its origins predate social media sites, in the days where it was the "in thing" for people computer enthusiests to have their own pages on the likes of MySpace, Xoom, Geocities, etc (remember them?! Yes? Then you probably also used Netscape to do that over a 33Kbps dial-up modem, so join me in realising you're not that young anymore!). True geeks had their own domain name, hence this site :)

So, much of what is here is getting close to 20 years or so old, but it still gets hits so I've left it in tact as a sort of an archive. I keep the design simple because, as you know, some people in some places may still need to rely on old computers and 33Kbps modems. Maybe. Or just live in Australia in an area with substandard "broadband".

Here are the main sections for now: I have a PhD in applying signal processing techniques in microelectronics, and currently work for a sonar technologies company. I don't get the opportunity to publish in my current work, but you can read more about my previous Research interests. Here are a couple more links, to some of my previous research related projects : And, because I know you care about it, here's the weather near where I live...
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