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Daydream Island

October 24-30, 2002
Daydream Island was the destination of this holiday, located in the Whitsunday region off Tropical Queensland. It is a small island, on which you can easily walk its length in 10mins along the provided perimiter walkway, or trek through the rainforest walk in 30mins.

It is part of the Molle group of Islands, technically being West Molle. The resort was totally renovated and reopened in 2001, and the pictures below show for it! Having said that, the pictures don't do it justice!

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1. The north end of the island - the accommodation area. It looks much better on the island than from afar.

2. The view from next to the pools, over Castaway's beach.

3. Another view of Castaway's beach. Here you can see the (folded over) outdoor movie screen!

4. The pool area near Mermaids Beach.

5. A view from the hill behind Sunlover's Beach.

6. Sunset from Sunlovers Beach.

7. Yes, they have a swim-up bar!!

8. The dolphins are one of many large ornaments located around the island.

9. One of the first things you see when you arrive, the shell ornament looks great at night.

10. This is known as the most annoying bird on the island! Not an ornament, unfortunately! At night they make weird noises that are at times akin to a crying kid and generally irritate people trying to enjoy the peace. This one decided to infiltrate the buffet one night.

11. The interior decorating of the main foyer area is pretty amazing too... whoever was responsible for this place obviously had a thing for big ornaments of wildlife!

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