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February 4-7, 2003
Melbourne... capital of the state of Victoria and... well, either not exactly a touristy place or I didn't know where to go. Then again, I wasn't exactly there for touristy purposes. It's known as one of the few places in Australia where you'll find trams, but I didn't bother taking pictures of them. Instead, here's some that I did take...

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1. The Yarra River flows through Melbourne, and this is it!

2. The same river...

3. This is kind of cool... a giant novelty clock located in the shopping center above Melbourne Central railway station. Every hour these figurines are revealed and play "Waltzing Matilda"... must eventually get annoying for the shopkeepers though?!

4. In the same place a the clock, it would appear that this is some sort of heritage building that they weren't allowed to knock down... so instead they built the shopping center AROUND it!

5. The same building, with a huge dome enclosing it

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