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October 2002
Newcastle is about 150Km north of Sydney, and is where I grew up. A Novocastrian would recognise all of these photos instantly, as they are of well known landmarks and places in the area.

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1. Looking along Queens Wharf towards the Brewary. The waterway is the Hunter River, and the tall thing is Newcastle's version of the Big Banana or Big Merino, etc. It's officially the Queens Wharf Observation tower, but has its fair share of alternative names! You can climb up an internal stairway to the top of it and look around from the viewing platform.

2. Looking the other direction along the wharf towards Nobby's. If you look carefully, just above the line of parked cars is a hill holding Nobby's Lighthouse.

3. Newcastle's Customs House. Well, that was its historic role - it now serves as an entertainment venue.

4. Bar Beach... one of Newcastle's many great beaches!

5. Another side of the Newcastle coastline... this shot is by no means unique in the area

6. Nobbys' Lighthouse... how could I have a section on Newcastle without THIS??

7. Nobbys' Beach

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