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Parramatta Photos

October 2002
Parramatta is a city in the west of the Sydney region of NSW Australia. It has the second biggest CDB in NSW after Sydney city, and has historical significance in Australia's early settlement history.

In a bid to play with a digital camera, I took a few shots and decided to post them here so you could take a peek... I had to shrink them by about 80% to make the files smaller, so you can't see much detail but it's enough to give you an idea.

These photos are subject to copyright, as described on the photo copyright page.

1. The first thing you see when you drive in the main entrance to Parramatta Park.

2. Parramatta river flows through the park... you wouldn't swim here!! (though people have been seen casting a fishing line at times...)

3. A view of the parramatta CDB, as seen from one of the hills in the park.

4. Another view of the CDB, as seen from a separated section of the park near the highway. The big green building in the foreground is Sydney's largest Westfield... and that's just the carpark that you can see!

5. Same as 4, but zoomed in a bit.
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