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San Francisco

February 2004
During a short visit to San Francisco, here are some of the photos I gathered. There is a lot more to this place than what is here, but here's a taste.

These photos are subject to copyright, so you may not make copies of any picture without permission from both myself, and all the people in that picture.

San Francisco CBD at night

San Francisco CBD at day

San Francisco CBD at day

Cable cars are one form of public transport here. They are unmotorised, instead being driven by cables hidden underneath the road.

The bay windows and tangle of overhead wires are typical of this suburban part of San Francisco.

Another traditional street... note the external fire escapes.

Lombard Street is known as the world's crookedest street! I wonder why...

Lombard Street from the top

As seen here, this is a very hilly area, with steep street after steep street being the norm.


The Golden Gate bridge doesn't look very golden in this weather...
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